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2012 MA A+U Symposium 3.0

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Third Annual MA A+U Symposium will be held on 3 May 2012 at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation

We live in an increasingly urban world where consumption is accelerating exponentially. Is a new approach required? One that looks towards a finite level of consumption, that addresses issues sustainably and improves how we consume.

Hosted by the students of MA in Architecture and Urbanism at Manchester School of Architecture, this symposium will look towards the future of our cities. On 3 May 2012 a wide spectrum of ideas, theories and practices of varying scales regarding an urbanism fit for consumption will be debated.

A range of invited speakers will explore the subject of consumption, both what is being done and what can be achieved to progress positively, dealing with issues such as:

- over-consumption

- speculative consumption

- symbiotic consumption

- natural consumption

- architectural consumption

- under-consumption

- equitable consumption

- creative consumption

- anti-consumption

- global consumption

Details will be posted on the symposium's website and twitter

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