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Nottingham Contemporary

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today the MA students had an expedition to see the new Nottingham Contemporary by Caruso St. John Architects

NIMA thought the handling of proportion and scale was very appropriate.
ANAS thought the palette of colours and materials was strange in its historic context.
NATASHA preferred the interior and its framing of the relationship between the artworks and the townscape.
ED liked the multi-purpose space because it presented a different aspect to the gallery - even accomodating a giant cosmonaut suit!
PARDIP was interested in the quality of the construction and the logistics of the manufacture of the 'lacecrete' panels.
CRAIG thought that the quality of the interior finish did not match the highstandards of the exterior.
ROBERT thought the exterior reminded him of Blackpool amusement arcades.
RABAZ thought the exterior only communicated to those in the know, but that the interior used hard materials to crete a soft environmnent.
GRACE like the texture of the lace-concrete.
STEVE liked the relationship to the site, but thought the building had a mismatch between a feminine exterior and a masculine interior.
RUTH thought the qualiteies of the exterior and interior were ambiguous and contradictory.
GAIA thought the use of colour throughout was puzzling.
PETERIS thought the visitor was required to experience the exterior before entering the gallery.
EMMA thought the reality lacked something promised in the narrative.
RICHARD disagrees with inland ports.

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